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For over 80 years KOO has been a trusted partner across millions of homes in Mzansi. From memorable get togethers, hearty meals at funerals, plates brimming with pride at weddings or every day meal moments, KOO is a star feature. KOO is a pioneer in innovation, especially with our ready-to-eat chakalaka, samp with beans and jarred beetroot. We also continue to raise the bar with our iconic, flavourful baked beans.

As life quickly evolves, it calls for big brands like KOO to step up. South Africans deserve the best, and should have access to more than our fresh, great-tasting; locally-sourced produce.  Even before the global pandemic, we’ve observed that maintaining good health has been a struggle for most people. As leaders in food, we've taken this problem to heart because we all need to pay more attention to what we eat and serve.

That’s why we are putting our money where our new brand promise is: to make eating better, easier for everyone in Mzansi. Our goal? To change how people relate with food for the better through our KOO 5-A-DAY campaign. So, what’s KOO 5-A-DAY?

It’s all about making sure that every plate is balanced and filled with colourful food. This starts with introducing 2 fruits and 3 vegetables from KOO across your meals daily, each with their own wholesome benefits . To achieve a balanced meal, make sure you split your plate into 3 portions: half for veggies, a quarter for protein and the last quarter for starch. Through the KOO 5 A DAY campaign we will show everyone how we can create balanced meals together, just by adding colour to your plate.If you’re a big fan of pap and vleis, add some KOO beetroot and chakalaka to your plate. What about hearty meals? Throw in some KOO mixed veggies, beans, peas or corn!. Sweet tooth cravings got you? Snack on KOO peaches, pears or mixed fruit. No matter what you love to eat, KOO 5 A DAY makes eating well, easy.

To jumpstart the KOO 5-A-DAY campaign, we’ve partnered with SABC 2 to launch a new reality cooking show called Colour Your Plate with KOO. The 30 minutes edutainment show will be our search to find Mzansi’s next cooking star whose culinary skills bring colourful balanced plates to life. Colour Your Plate with KOO will broadcast Tuesday at 7pm and consist of 13 episodes. Join us to see how everyday South Africans who love food make eating better, easier with KOO 5-A-DAY.

Health is the greatest gift we can give ourselves and those we care for. Since sharing is caring, why not take on the KOO 5-A-DAY challenge with your loved ones? Together we can make eating better easier, one plate at a time.

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