Colour Your Plate Competition


Important clauses which may limit our responsibility, place an obligation on you to indemnify us, involve an acknowledgment of any fact or involve some risk for you will be in bold and italics. You must pay special attention to these clauses.

    1. The Colour Your Plate Competition ("Competition") is being run by Tiger Consumer Brands Limited, Registration Number 1972/006590/06 (“Organiser/we/us/our”). 
    2. Each person entering the Competition ("participants/entrants/you/your") and/or accepting any prize in terms of this Competition, agrees and accepts that the Competition rules as set out in these terms and conditions (“Rules”) is binding on him or her. 
    3. Copies of these Rules are available online at (“the Website”) or at 3010 William Nicol Drive, Bryanston, 2191.
    1. The Competition commences at 00:01 on 20 May 2021 and will close at 23:59 on 8 August 2021 (“Competition Period”). No entries received after the end of the Competition Period will be considered.
    1. In order to be eligible to enter the Competition you must:
      1. be a legal, permanent resident of the Republic of South Africa (“RSA”);
      2. be in possession of a valid identity document with a 13 (thirteen) digit identity number;
      3. be 18 (eighteen) years old or older; 
      4. be a natural person (e.g. not a company, close corporation, trust or other similar legal entity); and
    2. Notwithstanding clause 3.1, you are not eligible to enter this Competition if:
      1. you are a director, member, partner, employee, agent or consultant of the Organisers, or any other person who directly or indirectly controls or is controlled by the Organisers; 
      2. you are an immediate family member of any of the persons specified in clause 3.2.1; or
      3. you are a supplier of goods or services in connection with the Competition.
    1. To enter you must:
      1. Buy any 3 (three) KOO products (“the Products”);
      2. prepare a colourful plate using the Products and take a picture of your plate;
      3. send “KOO5ADAY” to 072 741 5357 on Whatsapp and follow the steps to load a picture of your colourful plate.
      4. You will be prompted to answer "YES" or "NO" to whether you wish to be considered for the KOO Colour Your Plate Contestant Auditions ("Auditions"). PLEASE REFER TO CLAUSE 7 BELOW FOR RULES REGARDING KOO COLOUR YOUR PLATE CONTESTANT AUDITIONS & PARTICIPATION.
    2. You may enter the Competition a maximum of three times, provided you use 3 (three) unique Product barcode numbers for each entry. (i.e. Each Product barcode may on only be used once for an entry).
    3. You must be able to produce a valid till slip as proof of purchasing the Products with the relevant barcodes used for the entry if requested by the Organiser.
    4. Once you meet the requirements set out in clause 3 above and this clause 4, you will automatically be entered into the Competition.
    5. You are required to attend to the cost for your entry, including standard data costs. The cost per WhatsApp message should be approx. R0.01 and will vary according to the resolution of each image submitted
    1. The organizers will randomly draw a total of 57 (fifty-seven) winners by means of an automated system from all correct entries received up to the date of each draw. Draws will be conducted randomly throughout the Competition Period.
    2. Each winner will receive a cash prize to the total value of R 5 000.00 (five thousand rand). 
    3. The Competition prizes are not transferrable from the prize winners to any other person and may not be exchanged for anything else, except if otherwise stipulated in these Rules.
    4. The Organiser reserves the right to substitute the prize, or any part thereof, with another item of equal commercial value at its discretion.
    1. Winners of prizes will be contacted telephonically (on the number from which the entry is sent) within 3 (three) days from determination of the winner to confirm the winner and to make arrangements for the delivery of the prize.
    2. Winners will be required to provide a copy of the winner’s Identification Document (ID) (as required in accordance with Regulation 11 (6) (o) of the Consumer Protection Act 68 of 2008) and will further be required to provide an address (within RSA) for delivery of the prize within 3 (three) days of being requested to do so.
    3.  Prizes will be delivered within 30 (thirty) days from confirmation of the winner. 
    4. Winners of cash prizes will be contacted telephonically (on the number from which the entry is sent) within 3 (three) days from determination of the winner to confirm the winner and to make arrangements for a bank electronic funds transfer (EFT).
    5. Winners of cash prizes will be required to provide a copy of the winner’s Identification Document (ID) (as required in accordance with Regulation 11 (6) (o) of the Consumer Protection Act 68 of 2008) and will further be required to provide a bank confirmation letter within 3 (three) days of being requested to do so.
    6. By participating in the Promotional Competition, the Winner hereby accepts that the Winner will be asked to take part in further publicity relating to the Promotional Competition, with the Winner’s permission, the Promoter may incorporate the Winner in publicity campaigns or allow their names and likenesses to be used for promotional purposes aligned with the Promoter's business, including but not limited to posting photos to the Promoter's website, Facebook and other social media pages.
    7. The Participants consent, by taking part in the competition to the Promoter using the personal information collected through the competition to adjudicate the competition and for future marketing purposes by the Promoter themselves.
    8. Where Participants/ Winners consent to take part in the Promoter's publicity campaigns, they will not be entitled to any remuneration for such participation and all materials arising from such participation will be the sole property of the Promoter.
    9. If a winner is not contactable within 48 (forty-eight) hours from the first attempt, the winner will forfeit the prize and have no claim against the Organiser and the Organiser shall be entitled to select a different winner at its discretion.
    1. Overview
      1. Colour Your Plate (“the Programme”) is a 13 (thirteen) episode weekly reality competition television series that is scheduled to broadcast on SABC 2 every Wednesday from 21 July 2021 to 13 October 2021. 
      2. Episodes 2 to 11 of the Programme will each feature 5 (five) contestants (different group of contestants for each episode). 
      3. For each of the abovementioned episodes, 1 (one) winner will be determined (i.e. 10 (ten) weekly winners in total), who will be required to participate in the finale. The 4 (four) contestants in each episode who did not win, will each receive a prize worth approximately R2 500 (two thousand five hundred rand). 
      4. Each weekly winner will receive an opportunity to participate in the final round for the grand prize valued at approximately R70 000 (seventy thousand rand) as determined at the discretion of Tiger Brands (“Grand Prize”). The other 9 (nine) contestants who did not win the final round, will each receive a prize valued at approximately R5 000 (five thousand rand). 
    2. In order to be considered for the Auditions and/or to participate in Programme, you must:-
      1. be a legal, permanent resident of the RSA;
      2. be in possession of a valid identity document with a 13 (thirteen) digit identity number;
      3. be 18 (eighteen) years of age or older in order.
      4. ensure that, if selected as a contestant, you can be fully available to participate in the filming of the Programme on such dates and times as may be required by the Tiger Brands and or Cardova Trading (Pty) Ltd (“the Producers”) within the period 14 June to 30 September 2021 (“Filming Period”); 
      5. Not be a director, member, partner, employee, agent or consultant of Tiger Brands, the Producers, the SABC, or any of their holding companies or subsidiaries (“Stakeholders”).
    3. How contestants will be selected and Auditions
      1. Contestants will be selected from entrants who selected “YES” to be considered for Auditions as per 4.2 above. Tiger Brands may at its sole discretion extend the entry period for purposes of the Programme participation past the Competition Period. 
      2. Tiger Brands, and or their appointed representatives, will in their sole and unfettered discretion select a shortlist of entrants who will be invited for Auditions. The Auditions will take place via an online platform determined by Tiger Brands between 17 May and 17 September 2021, or as otherwise determined by Tiger Brands. Tiger Brands will notify and invite shortlisted entrants telephonically. Tiger Brands may at any time at its sole discretion cancel or withdraw an invitation that was sent to an entrant.
      3. Entrants who are invited for Auditions (“Invited Entrants”), will be responsible for making their own arrangements to attend the Auditions, unless otherwise determined at the discretion of Tiger Brands. 
      4. If an Invited Entrant is for any reason unable to attend the Auditions at a scheduled time, he/she will not be considered as a contestant and shall have no claim against the Stakeholders and or their appointed representatives.
      5. Tiger Brands, or its appointed representatives will at their sole and unfettered discretion select and invite contestants (“Contestants”), from the Invited Entrants to participate in the Programme. Participation in the Programme will be subject to the selected Contestant entering into and signing a written Participation Agreement that will be provided by Tiger Brands, which will further set out the terms and conditions for participation in the Programme.
      6. By selecting to make yourself available to be considered for the Auditions, you consent to your name and contact details being processed by the Organiser for purposes of the Audition process and to do any such background checks it may deem necessary for purposes of your participation in the Programmes.
      7. You acknowledge that the Auditions may be filmed by the Organiser and that the Organiser may use such material for publicity purposes and/or to broadcast as part of the Programme. By participating in any of the Auditions you agree to be filmed, recorded and/or photographed during your participation in the Auditions ("your participation") and acknowledge that the Organiser will own the copyright to any such material which may include your participation ('your contribution"). You irrevocably agree to the Organiser using, editing, broadcasting, publishing and/or exploiting your contribution in any media in perpetuity throughout the world.
    4. Contestant Participation
      1. The episodes will be filmed at various locations within the RSA during the Filming Period (14 June to 30 September 2021). Each Contestant will however only be required to be available for approximately 4 (four) days for the initial round and a further 4 (four) to 6 (six) days approximately if selected as a weekly winner to participate in the final round.
      2. The Producers will provide for reasonable transportation, accommodation and subsistence for the Contestants to participate in the Programmes on dates required by the Producers.
      3. The winner of the Grand Prize will be announced during the broadcast of the final episode of Colour Your Plate, which is scheduled to broadcast on SABC 2 on 13 October 2021 (unless otherwise determined by Tiger Brands).
      4. Should Tiger Brands decide not to proceed with Colour Your Plate, for any reason whatsoever, Tiger Brands may in its sole discretion elect to terminate the Competition without any liability to you.
      5. Contestants will not be entitled to receive any compensation or royalties for participation and or appearance in the Programme, apart from the Prizes as set out in 7.1.3 and 7.1.4 above. 
    1. The Organiser may in its sole discretion amend these Rules at any time, without notice, and such amendment(s) shall be deemed to have taken effect from the date of publication of the revised Rules on the Website.
    2. The Organiser will interpret the Rules in their sole discretion.
    3. Each valid entry will only be eligible win one prize for this Competition.
    4. Any reference to the organisers includes the directors, members, partners, agents or consultants of the organisers, where the context allows for it.
    5. The organisers' decision regarding any matter concerning the Competition and/or arising out of the Rules, including the determination of the winners, is final and no correspondence will be entered into except where otherwise provided for in the Consumer Protection Act, 68 of 2008.
    6. Where relevant, if a winner does not accept a prize as required herein, if an entry is not valid for whatever reason, if a winner has breached these terms and conditions, if a winner renounces the prize or we deem such winner to have renounced the prize, we reserve the right to declare the prize forfeited and/or to choose a new winner.
    7. Nothing in these terms and conditions is intended to, or must be understood to, unlawfully restrict, limit or avoid any rights or obligations, as the case may be, created for either the entrants or the Organiser in terms of the Consumer Protection Act, 68 of 2008.
    8. By entering this Competition, the entrant consents to the collection, processing and further processing of his or her personal information (including personal information contained in electronic communications) by us for the purposes of conducting this Competition and facilitating the entrant’s participation in the Competition. Except where prohibited by law or where objected to by the individual at any time, the winner grants permission for us and those acting under our authority to use his or her name, and or photographs, and or voice for purposes of announcing the winner and related advertising purposes, in any form of media and without additional compensation, notification or permission. A winner may at any time decline an invitation use, or object to the use of, his/her image in marketing material. 
    9. By submitting an entry to the Organiser, the entrant consents to and gives the Organiser a world-wide royalty free licence to reproduce, modify, adapt and publish any content, images or comments included on the entry for the purposes of promoting the Organiser’s products and/or services.
    10. By entering the Competition, the entrant unconditionally and irrevocably indemnifies and holds harmless the Organiser, as well as its holding company, its subsidiaries and any subsidiaries of its holding company, and their successors and assigns, directors, employees, agents or consultants against all and any losses, claims, proceeding, actions, damages (direct, consequential or otherwise), liability, demands, expenses, legal costs (on an attorney and own client basis), injuries howsoever arising out of, based upon, or in connection with (directly or indirectly) the entrant’s participation in the Competition and or the use of the prize. By accepting the prize, the winner accepts the prize at his/her own risk.
    11. The organisers and its service providers, are not responsible for:
      1. incorrect and inaccurate transcription of entry information;
      2. technical malfunction;
      3. lost or delayed data transmission, omission, interruption, deletion, line failure or malfunction of any telephone network or computer equipment or software; and/or
      4. the inability to access any services or any other error.
    12. If required by the Minister of Trade and Industry, the National Consumer Commission or for whatever other reason, we will have the right to modify or terminate this Competition with immediate effect and without notice of such modification or termination. In such event, all entrants hereby waive any rights, which they may have against us and hereby acknowledge that they will have no recourse or claim of any nature whatsoever against us.
    13. We reserve the right to disqualify any entrant suspected of fraud or cheating including without limitations, through the manipulation of code or otherwise falsifying data.
    14. We reserve the right to remove / delete any entries which are in our sole and unfettered discretion deemed to be obscene and or offensive.
    15. All Competition queries must be directed to consumer services at or on 0860 005 342 between 08h00 to 16h30. Calls to this number will be charged by your cellular network service provider. VAS rates apply.
    16. Any personal data relating to the Winner or any other entrants will be used solely in accordance with the current POPI Act (Protection of Personal Information Act, 2013 (Act No 4 of 2013)) and will not be disclosed to a third party without the entrant’s prior consent.
    17. This promotion is in no way sponsored, endorsed or administered by, or associated with, Facebook, Twitter or any other Social Network.
    18. The Participant by part taking in the Promotional Competition consents to his/her personal information to be shared with the Promoter's employees, contractors or agents for the purpose of this Promotional Competition and for the purpose of sharing future promotions.
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