Beans & Legumes

View our wide and versatile range catering for all meal occasions

With our quality range of KOO Beans and Legumes, that are full of flavour and taste, you’ll find one to suit any occasion from salads, lunches, dinners, and everything in-between. The wide range of KOO Beans and Legumes are super convenient as they are ready-to-eat and no soaking is required.

Our Story

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Only the best will do

From established farms to your home - we deliver only the best


At KOO we source our produce from established farms with decades of expertise and experience to deliver only the best quality and taste, so our KOO fans can experience only the best.


We know that as a trusted partner in today’s world very few people have time to cook for hours; so we offer sealed-in goodness with our wide and versatile range of products which can be used for breakfast, lunch, dinner, desserts, snacks and anything else our foodie fans can dream up for the best tasting meals.


For 75 years we’ve been part of South African society in ways we couldn’t have imagined – birthdays, funerals, parties, holidays, mid-week dinners and secret dessert indulgences.