It’s time for cooking to get social!

At KOO we believe everyone has the potential to be a star in the kitchen. All it takes is quality ingredients, the KOO Cuizine Recipe App, and you. Share your passion for cooking with your family and share it on social media.

Made for mobile and made for you - the inspiring KOO Cuizine Recipe App will take your cooking and your creativity to the next level.

In true KOO style, getting started is simplicity itself.

STEP 1: Using Chrome or your Android browser visit app.koo.co.za. STEP 1: Using Safari visit app.koo.co.za.
Step 2: Add it to your home screen. Click on ‘More’ in the top right hand side of the screen and select ‘Add shortcut on home screen’. Step 2: Add it to your home screen. On the bottom of the screen click on the centre icon, represented by a square and an arrow. Scroll to the left and select the ‘Add to home screen’.
Step 3:

You’re ready to explore our delicious recipes. Browse by category or if you’re looking for something specific, simply click on the magnifying glass and enter the relevant keyword or ingredient.

Step 4:

Does something tickle your taste buds? Select the recipe and get cooking! View the ingredients and method, and once you’re ready to begin, click ‘cook now’. Follow the step-by-step instructions and celebrate your success by sharing your mouthwatering masterpiece on social media.

Step 5:

To access all of our fantastic features create an account or sign in with Facebook. It’s free and it’s easy. Click on the three dots in the top right hand side of the screen. Select ‘login’, and then click ‘create an account’ or ‘login with Facebook’. By default you will now always be logged in.

Step 6:

Need some time to prep first? Create an integrated shopping list. Select a recipe and click ‘add to shopping list’. No time to get to the shops? Share your shopping list with your loved ones.

Step 7:

Save a recipe for later. Select a recipe and click ‘add to my recipes’. Add it to a pre-existing collection or create a new collection.

And that’s just the beginning. A world of delicious possibilities awaits – discover it for yourself!