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Nicholas Graves

open quotes I have tried all other brands of baked beans and spaghetti in tins, and nothing comes close to the quality of KOO products.
Either the beans are hard, or the sauce is thin. The same goes for the spaghetti brands.

I work on a tight budget, as I currently am on a disability grant, however, although KOO products (including your peas!) on the shelves are a higher cost than cheaper brands, I budget for KOO only.
They are great with a braai, on toast, or in salads.

It's the quality of your product I wish to point out.
It never has loose labels, always easy to open (doesn't leave metal shavings!) and the sauce the spaghetti and beans come in are second to none.

So my compliments to the KOO food group on their quality.

I have 17 years automotive quality experience, and can see quality when it stares you in the face.
I will never change brands (although I have tried to) and I change my budget accordingly as the cost of living rises.

Kudos to KOO! closed quotes


Lameez Williams

open quotes My Best and favourite KOO Memory is when I was about 10 years old.
My Mom would cook up a storm of food for Eid. She would get my sisters and me to open many KOO tins for the variety of food and salad with an old style opener. I can still remember how sore our fingers were, but when the food was done my whole family could not resist the smell of food and shout out loud: "Its KOO all the way!"
My Mom would invite people from our community and the smiles on their faces were priceless. Today we all use KOO in our homes for our families and KOO is a must have!
KOO goes way back and I still love KOO ♥ closed quotes


Lerato Mokugaute

open quotes I am a KOO lover - I am addicted to KOO!

My mom worked as a chef at well-known hotels. Each and every time she came home, she would make new recipes for us to taste - using KOO products. I remember in 1996 my dad was very sick, he couldn't eat anything. My Mom decided to make her pudding and custard. She sent me to buy a can of KOO Peach Halves. She added them into my Dad's pudding custard, and to my surprise he ate it all except the pudding, saying it's too sweet for him to finish.

I was raised by a woman who trusted KOO for years and today I also trust KOO. KOO has been my helper throughout load shedding, KOO was there to rescue us from hunger. Thank You KOO for being there through good times & hard times.

I am really obsessed with KOO. closed quotes


Tiyana Van Der Rheede

open quotes My best memory was the day I got back from honeymoon and I had to make super for my husband.
I had never made supper for him before, so my Mom advised me to make Baked Beans and Sausages. She gave me the steps to follow and I did it exactly as she told me. The food came out perfectly! My husband was so surprised and it was enough food for 2 days! I must say

KOO makes food go a long way. closed quotes

Melantheran Naidoo

open quotes I remember when my friends and I were youngsters; we would get into a lot of mischief-making.
The one memory that sticks out was our love for food and the things we did to acquire it.
I would pinch a can of KOO Baked Beans from my Mum's cupboard, another friend an onion from his mother, and the other friend's mother some tomatoes, chilies, oil, salt and chilli powder.

We would then gather, and go to the nearby bushes, where we had a cave.

Our cave was equipped with our very own stove, made out of an old oil gallon, an old frying pan, and other very old utensils. The dry wood and twigs from the bush was our fuel.
We would cook up a storm in that cave!

Sometimes I believe that we were the real originators of the now famous Chakalaka. Lol! We shared many memories in that cave, but our KOO beans dish and the way we wiped our enamel plates clean, will always remain with us. closed quotes

Ray Daniel

open quotes My Dad passed away when I was very little.
Every week my Mom would have to buy KOO Baked Beans. She would make a curry with boiled eggs and KOO Baked Beans for us. Every year, without fail, at Christmas, she would buy KOO Peach Slices and ice cream as a dessert for us.
It was her Christmas thing.

My Mom is the best. closed quotes

Suene Claasen

open quotes I will start by explaining that, growing up, my parents made an effort to have us all sit at the kitchen table for dinner. However, due to one conflict or another, they were not always successful with this.

But, on Friday nights we always ate together. This was when we'd have our family dinner. My Mom spent most of the afternoon preparing; cooking mieliepap and KOO Chakalaka, roasting chicken, frying potato's and creating a salad.
I would sit in the kitchen with her, and she would go over different techniques for how to make each dish. As soon as something was finished, she would give me a little taste and ask me how it was.

"Need anything?" she would ask.
"Nope. It's perfect!" I would reply.

That evening, the four of us would gather around the dining room table for dinner, which had been decorated in a linen tablecloth and beautiful pink Depression glass.
Candles were lit, prayers were said, and a feast was had.

One of the dishes I distinctly remember eating at every family dinner was KOO Chakalaka, a combination of chopped carrots, tomato, onions, herbs and spices – packed full of flavour. It was served on top of mieliepap! An utterly simple and incredibly refreshing dish.
But more important than this dish, are the memories that I have sitting around the table with my family, laughing and telling each other stories from our week.

It is not the food that is necessarily memorable (though, in this case, it was), but the experience of eating and sharing with one another. closed quotes

Edlyn Lim

open quotes My loving mother passed this recipe to me.
She used to make this meal for us on winter days, when we had a craving for it, when we had the flu or weren't feeling well.
This yummy corn soup was made with only the finest of mom's handpick ingredients, including the main ingredient KOO sweet Corn Cream Style.

I will always remember and even now make it for my own kids. A simple yet comforting food for our whole family, to be passed onto future generations - all made possible by KOO.

WE ♥ KOO. closed quotes

Chante August

open quotes My fondest KOO memory was when I was a little girl.
My Mum used to battle as a single mum - she worked alone but would create the most delicious KOO baked beans creations. All with just KOO baked beans curry or KOO baked beans with sausage.

Whatever you could do with KOO baked beans she made it!

It was really affordable and still is today! She used to always say:
"These beans are very healthy and it will make us strong".
That was her excuse to make us love KOO beans and needless to say it's still a family favourite ♥.

Our love for KOO Baked Beans has evolved into more – we are always finding exciting ways of incorporating this significant childhood "only meal" into different things like our fantastic KOO Baked Beans and Ham salad.

The KOO brand is a childhood memory that's embedded within our family lifestyle and it's not likely to change.
I plan to pass on the KOO tradition to my kids, and so the KOO circle of life will continue to reign within my family!

Because it's simply the best. ♥ closed quotes

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